Imaging Center for Advanced Light Microscopy

The Imaging Center for Advanced Light Microscopy (iCALM)  provides scientific equipment and infrastructure that is dedicated to the provision, maintenance, and ongoing modernization of its facilities for advanced microscopy. iCALM is committed to empowering the scientific community with state-of-the-art microscopy technology and comprehensive analytical expertise.

It offers support in the coordination and execution of research initiatives to enable reliable and reproducible data through cutting-edge imaging and analysis. iCALM aims to drive innovation across multiple scientific disciplines and foster collaborations in the field of advanced light microscopy.

Infrastructure / Equipment of iCALM

Microscopes and Preparation:
  • Various microscopes with specific focus
  • Different environments and fluorescence staining



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Data Analysis and Management in iCALM

  • Access and support for image analysis
  • Access to imaging data platform



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Outreach / Networking in iCALM

Communicate & Disseminate :

  • Dissemination of cutting-edge research
  • Education of the general public
  • Other (inter)national imaging networks


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Training / Support / Teaching in  iCALM

Training & Teaching:

  • Lectures and hands on training

  • Image analysis


  • Sample preparation, calibration, workflow etc.



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