Our Mission

As a core facility, Go4Tec provides a platform for specialised in-depth studies and transdisciplinary research to be carried out at the Goethe Competence Center (GCC). The strategy provides information on the latest teaching techniques and offers access to the exertise of specialists as well as specific, state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The portfolio of services ranges from individual analysis or problem-solving strategies to complex synthesis/analysis service processes requiring the use of various large-scale research facilities within the value chain.

Go4Tec will streamline procedures such as online equipment booking, financial accounting, efficient equipment utilization and complex process planning. The implemented Infrastructure and Process Management System (ISPMS) will enable a web-based common accounting and reporting methodology, reducing the overall workload for each GCC.

The strategic clustering of large-scale research equipment and analytical/synthesis processes in centres will allow simplified strategies for obtaining funding for new/novel equipment and for coordinating new and replacement procurement. In addition, the cost structure for users and complete process developments will be fully transparent.

Note: “Processes” described on this webpage are multi-step procedures that require the use of different equipment along their value chain.